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27 Feb 2015

The latest developer beta for iOS 8.3 includes support for more languages with Siri, including Russian, Danish, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, Thai, Swedish and English for India.

Apple's mobile OS is still in beta, so regular users won't yet be able to access the new language settings just yet. But it's a good indication of what's to come.


25 Feb 2015

It's Safer Internet Day! Every February 10, the occasion is meant to be a reminder — particularly to young people — of the perils of the Internet.


24 Feb 2015

Social Proof is the 'new marketing', the art of creating positive influence around your brand using our natural reliance on others for cues that guide our own behavior. While the term 'social proof' is relatively new, the concept isn’t. In fact it helped build Sylvan Goldman a $400 million shopping trolley empire in the 1930s!